I FOUND HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s been well over a year since I last wrote about trying to find any information on my 2x great grandfather, George W. Rogers.  Roughly a month ago, I’d taken a free trial of newspaperarchive.com, and of course they only give you so many page views before you have to upgrade.  That particular night, I was trying to find when my paternal grandparents had been married.  No such luck on that score, at that point in time, anyway.  However, I did “upgrade” my membership, and I am ever so glad I did!  Let me walk you through what happened.

I upgraded my account, and continued searching for the surname Krinkey (my mother’s line).  A few days later, I’d pretty much determined that I’d gotten all the articles I was going to find on them, so I needed to go on to bigger and better fish, namely my father’s mother.  I was still determined to find out exactly when she and my grandfather were married, but with Rogers and Hansen being common surnames, I wasn’t having too much luck.  I finally figured out how to search just the country, state and city of interest on newspaperarchive.com, and along with my search criteria, found multiple articles about my great grandfather, Fred H. Rogers, including one in which he and my great grandmother, Edith, were celebrating 62 years of marriage!   The article that helped break through this brick wall, however, was the article headlined:  Feted for 84th birthday.  Now, on newspaperarchive, it gives a short preview of what is in the article, so I naturally looked, and it mentioned my great grandfather.  I opened it to look more closely, and hit a great bunch of information, because it listed several out of town guests who had come to help him celebrate his birthday, including a Mrs. Birdie Ecker of Luverne, MN.

This was back in 1960, so I presumed that Birdie was her husband’s name.  I then went to familysearch.org, and typed in Birdie Ecker.  First thing that popped up for me was a death index, which told me that Birdie wasn’t a male, but a FEMALE!  I was in shock!  Not only did the index give me her complete birth date, but also her death date as well.  Then I proceeded to try to find her in the census records. Only one popped up, the 1940 census in Luverne, Rock County, MN.  There, I obtained her husband’s name as well as those of her children, Ray and Shirley. Plus, it also gave me the state where she was born. I was in 7th heaven, let me tell you!   I entered those names into my database, and then proceeded to search for Birdie Rogers birth information.  The SSDI came up, and of course, it gives all names that the SSN is registered under.  This is where I learned that Birdie’s real name was Bertha Myrtle Rogers, and that her father’s name was George W. Rogers, and her mother’s name was Alice Ervilla Richardson.  A search for George brought up the 1900 census, showing the family living in Sioux Falls, Minnehaha County, SD.  Along with George, Alice, and Bertha, I learned of 3 other siblings, Iva, Claude and Ruby.  Claude’s birth year matched what I had been presuming from other records and information I’d been able to gather.

The only thing that I am now hoping to learn about my 2x great grandfather, besides when he passed away, is exactly where he was born!  In 1870, he was born in Canada (according to that year’s census). In 1872, on his oldest son’s birth certificate, he was born in Pennsylvania.  I haven’t located birth certificates for his other 2 children born to his first wife, my 2x great grandmother, but I’m sure there he was born somewhere else as well!  In 1886, in South Dakota, it didn’t give what state he was born, but in 1900 on that census, he said he was born in Colorado, along with Ruby (who was born approx. 1888).  Birdie gave his birthplace as Canada English on the 1940 census.

Until next time, after I’ve had a chance to look at more of the hints that are popping up on Ancestry!  Happy reading..


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