Finding gg grandfather Rogers

I am on the hunt for my g grandfather Fred Harmon Rogers’ birth father, George W. Rogers.  Great grandpa’s mother, Julietta M. Holmes is easy to track down, as she appears in all the censuses, starting in 1850 with her parents, Harmon and Sarah A. Holmes, on til her death in 1925.  Its gg grandfather George that is giving me a runaround!

I first find him living with Juliette, her parents and siblings on the 1870 Wisconsin census for Monroe, Green Co., WI.  In this census, he stated he was born in Canada.  On his oldest son’s birth certificate, however, he states he was born in Pennsylvania.  It’s the same information that he gives on his succeeding 2 children’s birth records with wife Juliette.  By 1880, Juliette is using her maiden name, living in Monroe, Green Co., WI with sons Elmer T., age 8 and Freddy H., age 3,  and daughter, Annie May, age 5.

The next mention of George Rogers appears on both Annie’s and Fred’s marriage certificates, located in the indexes of the Wisconsin State Historical Society.  In Fred’s obituary of August 7, 1970, in the Madison, WI, The Capital Times, he is survived by a brother, Claude Rogers of Walla Walla, Walla Walla, WA, and a sister, Mrs. Jay Chrisman, of Takoma Park, MD.  Annie May married Charles H. Mikkelsen in 1894, and they remained married until his death, which I do not have.  Annie may have passed in 1965?  I believe they were living in California at the time.  This rules out Annie as being Mrs. Jay Chrisman, however.  In the 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 and 1940 censuses, both Annie and Fred give their father’s birth place as Pennsylvania.

I do not have a divorce date for George and Juliette, and am searching for this information.  George may have returned to Juneau county, where his 2 oldest children were born, or he may have taken off for another part of the state or left Wisconsin entirely.  I will keep searching, and update as I locate new information.


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