Swimming across the ocean

Yep, I finally took the plunge to journey overseas in search of my ancestry.  Thankfully, my recent immigrant ancestors came over between 1868-1896…. and from places like Prussia, Denmark and Norway.

I decided to first head towards Prussia, as this is my mother’s side and I had been neglecting them in favor of the easier to locate ancestors on my father’s side.  Not to mention, I’ve forgotten what little German I learned in high school!!  I also was avoiding my father’s father’s parents, as I don’t know Norwegian or Danish!

Other than learning that Friedrich “Fred” Krienke, wife Wilhelmine “Minnie”, and son Friedrich “Fred” left Hamburg, Germany in April 1868, for Quebec, Canada, I didn’t obtain much. I did learn, however, that Friedrich and Wilhelmine did NOT have a daughter as I thought.

So, onto next avoided ancestor:  Berthe Maria Anderson.  I learned lots about my g grandmother, **except** when she and my g grandfather Alfred Bernhardt Hansen were married and where.  Great grandpa is the last of my overseas voyages…. he was born in Copenhagen, Denmark and came to the United States between 1892-1896.  Back to g grandma, though.  Lots of wonderful help with locating records and translation from the Norwegian Genealogy page!

While still missing some facts, I now have g grandma’s parents’ names and the names of siblings! Norwegian naming patterns are very confusing.  And once here in the U.S., it becomes even moreso because of the number of Andersons, Olesons, Johnsons, etc., so my gg grandfather Andreas (Andrew) started using the name of the farm he last worked/lived at as his surname.  To complicate matters even further, the use of a particular surname is a matter of preference!!!!! So while my g grandma Berthe and 4 of her siblings chose to use the patronymic Anderson, her youngest brother Johanes chose to go by the name of the town his parents and older siblings had emigrated from, Nes.  I never would have known of him, much less located him, without lots of assistance!


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